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VISIO: Auto Save Pages to PNG

Hello again! This particular post is again an actual solution to one of the problem that my team faced. As you all know that we use VISIOs in every project to make process flows, organization chart and lot of other non-project things 🙂 to present the information in a very nice manner.

Also, the VISIOs are normally kept together in pages of a single VSD file. It happen to be the case that we were asked to create PNG/Images from the VISIOs – all pages and embed into word document. There were 4 VISIO files with 40 pages each and it was damm time consuming to do -> File -> SaveAs -> PNG for all VISIO pages.

I happened to know a bit of VB programming under VISIO and wrote a small piece of code. This code requires a new VSD to be created and give input the VISIO/VISIOs to save all pages to a PNG file based on the page name.

Now, my team is using this utility to manage the change reflect all the PNG in fraction of sections.

Procedure to use this code:

1. Create a new VSD file
2. Enable Macro
3. Open Code Editot Alt+F11
4. Paste the Code
5. Run

Below is the code:


The code can be download from HERE.

Hope you find it useful!

“Automation does not make optimism obsolete.”
– George Keith Funston


Web Service Facade Controller

You can download the complete application with sample WSDL and and test client with Java and XQuery from HERE (TBD).

Outlook Calendar – View Attachments in Invite

Today, someone asked me how to search of list all the attachements in Outlook 2010. I was searching that it has this calendar view where it only shows days and then you can go to date and view the attachment.


It really sometimes required to find attachments from all calendar invite that you have received till date. There is a feature provided for this by Outlook itself but is not readily visible. Most of you might know it already but for the sake of other, here is it..


When you choose the list view, outlook displays all calendar invites as a list and then you can search on it or you can directly search using the outlook fast search as below.


Outlook will then display the results as below


Hope it turns out to be handy.