Excel Auto Numbering with INDENT

This post is about a situation I ran into last week. I was supposed to prepare a very-long WBS (we all know how long a WBS can be for a quite significant program). I was putting sections in the WBS with indentation and grouping as normally all of us do. Hence I prepared something like below (of course this was not my WBS 🙂 but on the same line)

After preparing a WBS with ~800+ rows, I came across the complete view of the WBS where I have to put in the index and that too as per the INDENTs as below for example:

You can assume how much time it could take to index w.r.t the indents manually. Also, take into consideration the N number of reviews that happen in WBS and result in addition or deletion of rows. So, I thought of using Macro in EXCEL for this situation. Finally after some time, I was able to automate it with just a click of button! I loved it!

Just download the module for the macro HERE and import into excel application. Save it. Just use the function in the CELL as shown in the below:

Automation can be useful!

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2 thoughts on “Excel Auto Numbering with INDENT

  1. Mike Davis

    I’m very much a novice at this macro stuff. When you say to “import” your macro, how do I do that? I don’t seem to find anything in Excel indicating I can import, other than the add-ins feature.

    Thanks – I really want this to work 🙂

    1. Abhishek Post author

      I have moved my site to “http://technology.toraveabout.com/visio-auto-save-pages-to-png/”

      Thanks for visiting!

      I have replied the answer to you question at the attached link!


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